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You Demand Results, memoryBlue Delivers.

We know the high tech industry and we use the most effective methods to train our sales professionals so they produce results.

If your company needs help with increasing sales, we specialize in lead generation, inside sales consulting, full sales cycle management, and recruiting. We offer a range of services that are flexible and fully customizable to fit your needs.

If you are a sales professional, you can put your career in the high tech industry on the fast track by signing with memoryBlue or one of our clients.

memoryBlue — your high tech inside sales solution.

Hear from our founders, clients, and alumni on how memoryBlue accelerates high tech sales success. Learn More


After recently launching a dual shore IT services firm, one of the first calls I made was to memoryBlue.”

— Todd Bramblett, Partner, LeverPoint Capital Partners

I learned invaluable selling techniques, time management, and organization skills I rely on in my new position – from all of my colleagues at memoryBlue.”

— Nelson Lawon, Account Manager, McAfee

memoryBlue focuses strictly on the tech space and has a strong training regimen for their sales team.”

— Shawn Cook, Director Sales SMB, Eloqua

memoryBlue gets our sales force face-to-face meetings at the C-Level of the Fortune 2000, and those leads now appear on our forecast.”

— Scott Hughes, Regional Vice President Sales, Verint Systems

memoryBlue equipped me with the necessary tools and experience to succeed in my current role at an accelerated level.”

— Ben Carlson, Advance Technologies Sales Specialist, Symantec

memoryBlue was both committed and persistent in understanding the market, technology, and value proposition for our emerging technology company.”

— Larry Simpson, Executive Vice President, Three Pillar Global

After many trials with several organizations, by far memoryBlue is the best due to their focus, methodology and professionalism.”

— Ken Philipp, VP of Sales, Akimbi

The greatest thing about memoryBlue is that the amount of work and effort one puts in is rewarded accordingly.”

— Terry Henretty, Manager Business Devlopment, Avectra

memoryBlue should be the top choice for any tech company looking for outsourced Inside Sales services.”

— Andre Kearns, Principal, Marketing Strategy Consultant

I wouldn’t say that memoryBlue just helped start my career; they fast tracked it.”

— Matt Genoa, Consultant,

memoryBlue gave us more for the money than any other lead generation or marketing campaign that I have been exposed to in over a decade of sales management and direct sales.”

— Howard S. Lichtman, Founder and President, Human Productivity Lab

The benefits to what I learned in those 9 months with memoryBlue will no doubt help me the rest of my professional career.”

— Alex Fatovic, Federal Business Development, IMC

memoryBlue is a place for unique experiences.”

— Daniel Clark, Account Executive, TARGUSinfo

This opportunity, this job, this company, memoryBlue, is a gateway to a long, lucrative career in high tech sales.”

— Eduardo Maglaya, SMB Regional Sales Manager, Eloqua

There isn’t one person in the memoryBlue office that I haven’t gleaned something positive from during my time here.”

— Alex Racioppa, Federal Account Manager, Oracle

The unique thing about working at memoryBlue is being given the opportunity to have continuous open communication with C-level individuals.”

— Daniel Sincerbeaux, Inside Territory Manager, AppSense

While I personally continue to use all of the skills I learned at memoryBlue to qualify sales opportunities, I also find myself teaching these particular skills to new sales reps.”

— Jennifer Zahos, Business Development Manager, Symantec

With the help of memoryBlue, I received first class training, direction, and the mentoring necessary for me to excel.”

— Robert Bryant, Implemenation Manager, TARGUSinfo

While at memoryBlue, I enjoyed working with various start up technology companies and being exposed to a large network of high tech sales and marketing professionals.”

— Rusty Cassada, Inside Territory Manager, AppSense

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Case Study: Nexsan

With a growing demand for its award-winning data storage solutions, Nexsan needed a new approach to inside sales to scale up and acquire more customers. memoryBlue’s results-oriented approach created a relationship where reps became part of the Nexsan team, carrying revenue quotas and closing deals.

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