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Traditions, Incentives, and Perks

At memoryBlue we aim to foster a productive and fun work environment. Our incentives and perks create an atmosphere where success is contagious and employees thrive, inspiring both personal and company growth.

Check out a few ways that we mix business with pleasure.

  • First Friday Happy Hour

    First Fridays Bringing Together the Past, Present and the Future of memoryBlue

    On the first Friday of every quarter, we invite our employees and Alumni to a happy hour celebration.  The event offers current and former memoryBlue employees a chance to meet or reconnect, network, and discuss the hottest inside sales and high tech industry trends. What a great way to stay connected! See more photos >

  • Super Bowl Party Feast

    Super Bowl Monday a memoryBlue Holiday

    Here at memoryBlue, we value a productive yet fun company environment. To celebrate that culture, we give our employees the day off for one of their most coveted “holidays” … Super Bowl Monday.  Learn more >

  • Friday Calendar

    A memoryBlue Weekly Incentive Crush Your Number, Earn Friday Off

    You produce, we reward. Crush your weekly and monthly numbers to earn a half day or an entire Friday off! Start the weekend early knowing you’re ahead of the game.

    If you’re ahead of the pace to achieve your monthly goal and you blow away your weekly target, you’ll earn some coveted time off.  Exceed 130% of your weekly number and you can leave at Noon on Friday.  Eclipse 150% by Thursday evening and you’ll earn Friday off.

    We believe in goal time, not clock time, and of course, this works both ways. Some of our people point to this benefit as the best part of memoryBlue.

  • Dotun

    Office Contests Using Gamification to Amp Up Your Results

    What better way to make work fun than to turn it into a game? Each quarter we administer a friendly team or individual competition where winners have a chance to earn prizes like an upscale dinner, night on the town, Nationals tickets, gift cards, or a brand new iPad.

    Past competitions include the popular “Weekly Assassin” individual competition and the “Fantasy Inside Sales Manager” team competition.

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Half Day Celebrate Your Way

    Of course, everyone thinks his or her own birthday should be a national holiday. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the case. But at memoryBlue, we do recognize your birthday as your own holiday by giving you a half day off the day of your birthday or the day after! So take the afternoon to prep for your party, or take the next morning to recover from all that fun you had. Either way, this one’s for you!

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