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Training and Management Services That Increase Your Profits

Training and managing inside sales professionals comes with a unique set of challenges and a large demand on your time. Inside sales reps are often new to the working world, and they have a tough task ahead of them: surfacing new opportunities for your business. Without ample attention from management—more attention than most other positions in your business require—even the most ambitious inside sales people will be infected by call avoidance and struggle to realize their full sales potential.

memoryBlue specializes in training and managing inside sales reps for ourselves and for our clients. Our intense training and measurement system ensures your inside sales reps get the management focus they need to succeed.

How It Works

memoryBlue can host your employees at our office, they can remain at your office, or they can work remotely.

We’ll provide a phone that hooks into your system that we monitor and record. This arrangement allows memoryBlue to review phone calls with your employees. In these reviews we’ll work through weaknesses, build strengths, and make incremental improvements.

Classroom Meets Real World

Another piece to our inside sales management service is weekly classroom style training that’s fully immersive and includes a rigorous reading regime covering classic and cutting edge sales books.

Training sessions can be conducted at the memoryBlue training center or your office.

Participants are expected to present a review of an assigned book to the entire group. This exercise provides valuable presentation experience, increased retention of key concepts, and exposure to various sales thought leaders.

Experienced Mentors

Our senior leadership plays a key role in management, presenting mini-classes on sales basics that include opening calls, using emails in the sales process, leaving voicemails that generate callbacks, developing a questioning sequence to uncover opportunities, and overcoming objections in the sales process.

Rookie Training Camp

New hires are immersed in our training via a 42-day ramp program that provides plenty of mentoring and interaction so they quickly produce.

After successfully completing this program, participants build on the fundamentals and continue to learn new sales concepts and techniques.

Through this process, we cover three years of training in the course of one year, while giving full attention to critical skills, techniques, and practical applications your team can use throughout their careers.

Personal Attention and Goal Alignment

This degree of training goes beyond a two-day training session held in a hotel conference room because of the level of individual attention and the quality of curriculum.

We set goals for your team to hold them accountable to delivering on what they learn in training sessions, and spend time with each individual team member to analyze strengths and weaknesses, and build an action plan for iterative improvements.

Sure, conferences and training sessions from consultants are a great way to break up the day and talk about high level concepts. But when you’re looking for business value rather than entertainment value, have no doubt: we transform sales reps into sales frontrunners.

Talk to us about your inside sales program.

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