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Sign with a Client

Sign with a Client

Land the Rewarding Sales Opportunity You Deserve

You’re driven. Ambitious. Talented.

You should have a position that offers everything: challenges, rewards, and a sense of purpose.

memoryBlue is constantly scouting the marketplace and is uniquely positioned to share with you unannounced high tech opportunities.

We place experienced sales professionals with the industry’s hottest high tech companies. They trust us because our alumni have already paved the way, showing our clients and executive sales leaders that our sales training produces results. In fact, many of the job opportunities we fill originate from our high-octane alumni network.

We want to ensure that you’re the best candidate for the job openings we identify, so before you’re placed we will:

  • Talk about your career plan so you have a clear idea of where you’re going.
  • Revamp your resume so it’s more appealing and marketable.
  • Help sharpen your presentation skills
  • Work with you through the interviewing process, which includes scheduling, preparation beforehand, and debriefing afterwards.
  • Check your references to ensure they are glowing
  • Negotiate offers to ensure you get the best deal possible.
  • Coach you through resignation strategies for your current role.
  • Assist with onboarding at your new role so you hit the ground selling.

At memoryBlue, we want everyone to benefit from our services, so we work diligently to ensure a perfect fit. Want proof that memoryBlue succeeds in our job placement efforts? Just look at our alumni network.

Check out the alumni page for stories from former employees who are rocking high tech sales jobs with industry icons.

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