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Cofounders Chris Corcoran and Marc Gonyea have a different approach to high tech inside sales—here’s why.

Thrown into the Fire

High school friends Marc and Chris both chose sales as a career following college. Both were attracted to high tech because of the size and complexity of sales cycles and the revolutionary impact technology solutions can deliver.

Alas, it was—and still is—difficult to crack into high tech sales.

After successfully landing high tech sales roles at separate companies, both experienced largely sink-or-swim sales environments. Long gone were the days of one year paid sales apprenticeships.

Through hustle and determination, both earned promotions, and eventually punched out into field sales (Marc by capitalizing on chaos; Chris by cold calling the sales manager of a company he respected).

Once in the field, the two quickly realized the impact a strong inside sales person can make.

The two also saw staggering turnover in the role: negative turnover was worse in inside sales. Compounding the problem was the positive turnover of hard charging top performers who elevated into roles with more prestige, responsibility, and earning potential.

Paradoxically, the strongest inside sales professionals have the shortest shelf-lives: The exact path Marc and Chris had taken was contributing to a talent shortage in high tech inside sales.

The two saw opportunity.

The high tech industry would consistently seek strong inside sales talent. High tech outsiders would consistently try to crack into the industry. These outsiders would gravitate to a company that offered  the high tech sales training, experience, and exposure to turn them into that strong talent.

In 2002, Chris and Marc launched memoryBlue.

Today, memoryBlue teaches high tech sales people how to start the fire—it doesn’t just throw them into it.

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Outsourcing Inside Sales

Not only does inside sales see hyper turnover, it is growing exponentially because of advancing technology, buyer preferences, and economics. Inside sales is an extremely effective growth channel for high tech companies, yet building an inside sales program internally is not always the right decision.

To be effective, inside sales representatives require a lot of attention from management. Plus, having a team on the phone all day every day is bad news if there are developers in the same room trying to concentrate on code.

Marc and Chris applied their knowledge of industry baselines, success metrics, and unique training techniques to build memoryBlue. Now, memoryBlue is a premier provider of outsourced inside sales services for high tech companies that need to grow, but don’t want to house inside sales internally at the moment.

Advancing High Tech Inside Sales Talent

Once the best inside sales people get experience under their belts, they’re looking for the next mountain to conquer. Their ambition and drive makes them the best to begin with.

Originally, Marc and Chris did not plan for the turnover inherent in inside sales. Then, one of their employees was hired by a client. They lost one of their best employees and one of their best clients in one fell swoop.

This sparked a change in the business—most of their best employees, Chris and Marc realized, wouldn’t want to stay at a company like memoryBlue forever. The most ambitious inside sales reps want to take advantage of the prestige and growth potential of working directly for a high tech company.

memoryBlue pivoted, and has now graduated over 250 former employees. These memoryBlue Alumni are now pacesetters at companies like Oracle and EMC. And if you love the account executives you’re working with at memoryBlue, you can hire them to work for your company.

Not to mention, this ever expanding group of alumni gives us behind-the-ropes access to a portfolio of high tech companies. This uncommon approach is best for our clients, our people, and as a result, for memoryBlue.

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Today: Inside Sales Success and Growth

memoryBlue has helped over 400 high tech clients in 15 years, and we’ve literally helped launch hundreds of inside sales careers.

Ready to grow your high tech company with inside sales or grow your inside sales career?

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