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The memoryBlue Alumni Advantage
Hear directly from some of memoryBlue’s most accomplished Alumni on why they stay connected to our firm and how membership in this exclusive club continues to deliver value long after their “tour of duty” here concludes.

Our Alumni Remain True Blue

When a memoryBlue employee leaves us for a new job, we’re psyched.


Because it shows that our sales training and techniques create an experience that creates coveted professionals.  There are plenty of memoryBlue employees working today for high tech heavyweights that include:

  • Oracle
  • EMC
  • Symantec
  • McAfee

Check out the stories and videos below for more information about memoryBlue alum.

Sohale Razmjou
Director, Federal; BAI


Alumni Testimonials

I learned invaluable selling techniques, time management, and organization skills I rely on in my new position – from all of my colleagues at memoryBlue.”

— Nelson Lawon, Account Manager, McAfee

I wouldn’t say that memoryBlue just helped start my career; they fast tracked it.”

— Matt Genoa, Consultant,

While at memoryBlue, I enjoyed working with various start up technology companies and being exposed to a large network of high tech sales and marketing professionals.”

— Rusty Cassada, Inside Territory Manager, AppSense

memoryBlue is a place for unique experiences.”

— Daniel Clark, Account Executive, TARGUSinfo

With the help of memoryBlue, I received first class training, direction, and the mentoring necessary for me to excel.”

— Robert Bryant, Implemenation Manager, TARGUSinfo

While I personally continue to use all of the skills I learned at memoryBlue to qualify sales opportunities, I also find myself teaching these particular skills to new sales reps.”

— Jennifer Zahos, Business Development Manager, Symantec

The benefits to what I learned in those 9 months with memoryBlue will no doubt help me the rest of my professional career.”

— Alex Fatovic, Federal Business Development, IMC

There isn’t one person in the memoryBlue office that I haven’t gleaned something positive from during my time here.”

— Alex Racioppa, Federal Account Manager, Oracle

The unique thing about working at memoryBlue is being given the opportunity to have continuous open communication with C-level individuals.”

— Daniel Sincerbeaux, Inside Territory Manager, AppSense

memoryBlue equipped me with the necessary tools and experience to succeed in my current role at an accelerated level.”

— Ben Carlson, Advance Technologies Sales Specialist, Symantec

The greatest thing about memoryBlue is that the amount of work and effort one puts in is rewarded accordingly.”

— Terry Henretty, Manager Business Devlopment, Avectra

This opportunity, this job, this company, memoryBlue, is a gateway to a long, lucrative career in high tech sales.”

— Eduardo Maglaya, SMB Regional Sales Manager, Eloqua

Lisa Kelly
Business Development Manager, T-Mobile

Phillippe Ghattas
Direct Sales Representative, LogiXML

Michael Daversa
Regional SMB Sales Manager, Eloqua

Sohale Razmjou
Strategic Accounts Director, Spigit

We keep in touch with our alumni online and in person. We help those who help us, and when you work with memoryBlue—either as an employee or a client—you’re tapping into that powerful network.

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