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Starting Your Career In Sales Isn’t What You Think

September 8th, 2014
by Abigail Lacy

Thinking Head

After landing my first real career job after college, I did not expect to be so unhappy.

Soon after starting at memoryBlue, I lost my grandpa, whose goal in life was to see his grandchildren happy and successful. During his funeral, our pastor spoke about his legacy of compassion and selfless grandchildren making worthwhile contributions to society: studying social work at Columbia, another working to become a diplomat and so on. Of course, the granddaughter in sales was strategically skipped.

For the next two months I beat myself up, wondering what I was doing at this job, calling people that seemed to do everything they could to avoid contact with me. I told myself that I graduated with the intention of making a meaningful and positive impact on society, yet here I was in sales and I questioned how I could make my impact in the role.

To make matters worse, I was actually successful in my new role, and I struggled with taking pride in an accomplishment that I believed others might see as self-serving.

We all know there are many negative stereotypes associated with a sales career. But throughout my tenure at memoryBlue, I have realized that some of these stereotypes are frequently and unfairly applied to sales professionals. I now hold the opinion that good sales professionals are vital in society, and that truly having a prospects’ best interests in mind is a characteristic that will actually propel you to the top and allow you to make significant and positive impacts within organizations.

Here are the sales myths I bought into and reasons I am now proud to be in sales at memoryBlue and on a path to a successful career:

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