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Time in a Bottle: A Simple Approach to Staying Organized

December 13th, 2016
by Joey Sorenson

I was not born a natural salesman. At one year (and several hit quotas) into my sales career, that may strike some of my peers as surprising, but I can vouch for its veracity. The success I’ve seen in my current sales job at memoryBlue has reinforced a long-held belief on my part: success in nearly any task in life very rarely comes off of raw talent or charm alone (though a bit of that certainly can’t hurt if you’ve got it). Instead, it flows naturally as a byproduct of having systems in place to maximize whatever measure of talent one does have.

If this is beginning to sound like a cliché, commencement-style exhortation on the merits of hard-work, fear not (my goal is quite the contrary, in fact). For as the great personal productivity guru David Allen wrote in a commendable recent blog post, “I am the laziest person I’ve ever met… Perhaps it is equally true that I’m the most efficient person I’ve ever met.”

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