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Outbound Prospecting: How to Increase Sales Meetings by 620%

March 4th, 2015
by Richard Shouldis

Outbound Prospecting: A Quantitative Analysis


Just a few months prior to starting at memoryBlue, I graduated from college – and I hadn’t the slightest clue on how the sales cycle works. In college I majored in Criminology while minoring in Homeland Security, not business or information technology. However, I did have a concentration in statistics which provided me with some of my most important skills during my tenure as a Sales Development Representative at memoryBlue.

Within my first day on the job as an outbound prospecting inside sales rep for my client, I called through my entire list of prospects. I gave up on every prospect that I didn’t speak with and if I left a voicemail I would just wait aimlessly for them to call me back. Make one attempt, move on, make new list, make one attempt, move on, make new list…

I needed a strategy.

A failed attempt to contact a prospect shouldn’t mean that I give up on them. I began to go back through all of my “expired” lists with a new approach.  My list of “expired” prospects would take me days to call through so I decided to space out my activity using a predetermined sequence of calls, voice mails, and emails. It worked! I was getting into more conversations, booking more meetings, and making my client happy.

I decided to run an experiment to find out what results a systematic approach to prospecting would produce.

Below are my findings and analysis that I want to share with other inside sales professionals.

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