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3 Prospecting Principles for a Successful Year

February 25th, 2016
by Tommy Oudinot

pickaxeIn early 2015, memoryBlue gave me the opportunity to learn some of the best practices in the inside sales community while working with a multitude of software companies. These firms had specialties that ranged from cybersecurity software for banks to asset management platforms for electric utilities. If you’re an experienced sales professional looking to differentiate yourself from the competition, there are a few prospecting principles I’ve used to propel my sales career that you may find worthwhile.

Within my first few days at memoryBlue, I was immersed in learning the essentials of solution selling, an essential skill for sales professionals (and a skill I had never been trained on during my first year in inside sales, prior to joining memoryBlue). After a few months of hitting quota thanks to my new lead generation foundation, I started following popular sales industry experts such as Jill Konrath, Trish Bertuzzi, and Jill Rowley.

Absorbing this powerful mix of memoryBlue training and sales industry best practices has led me to three major prospecting principles that I would encourage my peers to master, and be inspired by, in the coming year. Continue Reading

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