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Sales Development Representative Position

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Do you have a history of leading the pack and rising to the top in whatever you do?

Are you driven, competitive, and ambitious?

Are you quick on your feet and do you normally get what you want?

If you’d enjoy working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial atmosphere where you’re recognized and rewarded for your results, you may be interested in working for memoryBlue. We provide a valuable experience working with some of today’s most promising high tech companies.

At memoryBlue you will receive world class professional sales training designed specifically for selling high tech solutions. Your memoryBlue mentors will help you develop into a skilled high tech sales professional. When you’re working with memoryBlue, you’ll discover how to use the art and science of selling to surface big dollar opportunities and outsmart the competition.

Our senior leadership is hands on, and will help you develop skills that pull your performance to higher levels. As you continue to gain experience, acquire skills, produce results, and make powerful connections, your market value skyrockets.

Working at memoryBlue will accelerate your professional growth and place you on the path to success early in your career.

Learn By Doing

At memoryBlue, sales training is never over. If you work with us, every day, you will close the gap between your potential and your achievement. This happens because you’ll dive headfirst into an electrifying, supportive environment where you work side by side with ambitious colleagues. Your connections with those peers, as well as the highly coveted skills you develop, will transform your career.

During sales training you will:

  • Learn the sales process from experienced leaders who use interactive and engaging methods of training and teaching.
  • Sell and perform in a fast-paced environment, thanks to our comprehensive 42 day new hire ramp program.
  • Connect instruction with real world experience—like high energy calling blitzes—so you develop real skills.
  • Analyze your performance and enhance your skills by dissecting two of your calls every week.
  • Receive constructive feedback designed to help you develop your craft and groom you into a successful high tech sales professional.
  • Produce a highlight reel of your high tech sales success.

Hard Chargers Wanted

At memoryBlue, we play as hard as we work. That includes happy hours, trips to professional sporting events, and even extreme go-karting. When you work at memoryBlue, you are part of a community of goal-oriented professionals who share your interests.

Take the Next Step  

When you start your high tech sales career at memoryBlue, you will be laying the foundation for an amazing career.  We work with our people to find the best career path for them.  Often that means moving on from memoryBlue, whether it’s with one of our clients or with another company in the high tech industry.

When a great company offers one of our employees an opportunity to elevate their career, we’re psyched because the success of our people certifies the value of the memoryBlue experience.

Former memoryBlue employees have landed positions with high tech industry giants that include:

  • Oracle
  • EMC
  • Symantec
  • McAfee

We stay in touch with alumni so our network remains powerful and valuable to everyone associated with memoryBlue.

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memoryBlue is seeking to groom the next generation of pacesetters in high tech sales. Email us today at for more information.