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Outsourced Inside Sales Services


Your Sales, Our Passion

When you decide to look outside of your company for inside sales talent, your revenue and brand are at stake. The professionals representing your company should meet your standards.

memoryBlue knows what you’re facing, and we’ve created processes and training programs that produce intelligent, hard charging sales professionals who will help your company grow.

We are passionate about high tech sales, so we’ve designed a range of services that can be easily customized depending on what your company needs. If you have any kind of inside sales challenge, we can help you rise up to it.

Our Process

Relying on another company to drive growth can be risky. We know this, and we believe in giving you the information your team needs to measure the success of your investment.

You deserve excellent service, and we’re committed to providing it. Our team of inside sales managers and talented account executives are always available to you. Additionally, in our weekly meetings, we’ll catch up on the last week’s progress and plan for the future.

Our services are designed to give you comfort and allow you to limit your risk. Even our pricing is flexible. We can engage with you on a fixed retainer fee, a pay per meeting basis, or a hybrid model.

We know you’ll enjoy the firepower of the memoryBlue team.

Performance Metrics That Matter

How are we doing?

This can be a tough question to answer, but memoryBlue makes it easy with comprehensive metrics that are easy to interpret.

With a quick glance you’ll get a clear snapshot of inside sales indicators such as average daily call times, conversation-to-lead ratio, dial-to-lead ratios, and more. What’s more, you’ll see these metrics compared to industry baselines, so you will have context behind the data.

Our Services

Lead Generation

Surfacing new qualified revenue opportunities is hard work—done right, lead generation requires persistence, skill, and specialized tools.

Our research methods create infinite possibilities. We use a portfolio of tools and teach our professionals the art and science of selling. Our people know the tricks of the trade, but we also haven’t forgotten the old fashioned value of rolling up our sleeves and working hard.

Outsourced Inside Sales

Our team of sales professionals is rigorously trained and works in an environment designed to encourage success. Our high-energy approach inspires our professionals.

memoryBlue sales professionals reach out to leads and qualify them using a variety of methods and tools. Their end goal is scheduling a qualified meeting so you can deliver a comprehensive discovery call and quarterback the sales cycle to closure.

Full Sales Cycle

Your time is money. Let memoryBlue help you make more. With our Full Sales Cycle service, you can rely on us for not just generating leads, but closing deals. This service goes beyond lead generation; it includes managing every step of the sales cycle—from the first phone call to the signed agreement.


memoryBlue has successfully recruited hundreds of inside sales professionals who have become standouts in the industry. Our evaluation, selection, and development system works, and that is best illustrated by the success of our clients, and our distinguished alumni network. For more information, check out our recruiting section.

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