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Your Sales Talent Factory

Your company’s growth rests on your sales talent, but you don’t have the time to scan resumes, interview candidates, and risk hiring and training sales reps who may not work out.

Our recruiting techniques are field tested and on target, thanks to years of experience and practice. We’ve taken this experience and honed our processes so it produces impressive results.

We’re your go-to for discovering talented sales professionals and training them in an environment that includes excellent resources and dedicated mentors.

Audition to Hire

memoryBlue strives to give employees the equivalent of 24 to 36 months of training in one year, thanks to a training regimen that includes classroom style training, peer and self-evaluation, and real world selling experience.

You’re going to be so impressed by our employees that you’ll want to hire them. With our Audition-to-Hire philosophy, you can do just that.

Sales Candidate Screening

One year after their start date, only 60% of sales people are still working for the company that hired them. The 40% who left represent wasted time and lost revenue.

The memoryBlue evaluation, selection, and ramp up process shrinks this failure rate to the single digits. We select our own employees and all candidates we place through this method. If you’re interested in learning more about how we operate, give us a shout. More than 200 companies have found sales standouts thanks to their trust in our process.

Rising Stars

Our latest innovation in the sales talent space is the Rising Stars program. Periodically, we have tenured, standout sales professionals who are ready for a new challenge outside of memoryBlue. These individuals are energetic hustlers that are dying to flex their tech sales experience muscle on your behalf.  Helping match these pros with your firm and mitigate the hiring risk is our response to the frustration companies feel when they pay headhunting fees for a sales rep that quits or gets fired before making any sort of contribution.

Feel free to put our talent through your most thorough evaluation process. Everyone you’ll evaluate will have at least one year of memoryBlue service and typically have sales experience in multiple technology arenas.

If you chose to hire someone from us, your company will pay a nominal monthly fee of $500 for as long as the memoryBlue Alum works for your company. We cap this fee at 24 months and fees stop if their employment stops for any reason. Through this program, you will remove much of your short-term hiring risk in exchange for a capped fee that fits into most budgets.

To learn how memoryBlue can help with your sales talent needs or to join our Rising Stars email list, hit “Bring in Blue” below.

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